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Companies Recently Certified by AGS

  • ABC Boring (MI) ISO 9001
  • ACE Machine & Fabrication (TN) ISO 9001
  • A.D. Transport Express (MI)(OH) ISO 9001 ISO 14001
  • ADLP Gas (MI) ISO 9001 ISO 14001
  • Animal Specialties (OR) ISO 9001
  • A.S.A.P. (Animal Specialties & Provisions) (PA) ISO 9001
  • Biologos Inc. (IL) ISO 9001
  • Bilco Tool Corp. (MI) ISO 9001
  • BWP Transport, Inc. (MI) ISO 9001
  • CELADON Trucking (IN, NC, TX, VA & Canada) ISO 9001
  • CELADON Dedicated Services (IN) ISO 9001
  • Clark-Cutler-McDermott (MA) ISO 14001
  • Controls Gaging Specialists, LLC (GA) ISO 9001
  • CUNICO Corp. (CA) ISO 9001
  • Deans Animal Feeds (CA) ISO 9001
  • DNS Industries (MI) ISO 9001
  • Dyna Mek Corporation ( TN) ISO 9001
  • Direct Services (NJ)(VA) (OH) (CA) ISO 9001
  • Eagle Express (MI) ISO 9001 ISO 14001
  • Envirotech Extrusion (IN) ISO 9001
  • HOYT Corporation (NJ) ISO 9001
  • Industrial Resource Group (TN) ISO 9001
  • Lexmark ISO 9001/ISO 14001/OHSAS 18001:2007
  • Lextron (FL) ISO 9001
  • Liquid Automation (MI) ISO 9001
  • M & M Fasteners (CA) ISO 9001
  • Michigan Machine (MI) ISO 9001
  • Newco (CA) ISO 9001
  • Northern Lamiminate Sales (NH) ISO 9001
  • P.C. Vaughan (CA) ISO 9001
  • PharmaServ (MA) ISO 9001
  • Prolog Services LLC (WI) ISO 9001
  • Purina Mills, LLC (MO) ISO 9001
  • Quality Lab Products (MD) ISO 9001
  • Quality Plating (TN) ISO 9001: 2000
  • Quick Send Delivery (MI) ISO 9001
  • R & R Gage Inc. (GA) ISO 9001
  • Royal Centerless Grinding (MI) ISO 9001
  • Scotts Distributing Inc. (MA) ISO 9001
  • Three Star Trucking Company (MI) ISO 9001
  • Thomas & Betts ISO 9001
  • Try Hours, Inc. (OH) ISO 9001
  • United States Rollerworks, Inc. (TN) ISO 9001
  • Wolverine Oil (MI) ISO 9001
  • ZAK Enterprises ISO 14001:2004

AGS International Certifications

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AGS Certificates

List of Companies whose Certification has been Withdrawn, Canceled or has expired.

Company Operations Certified By AGS

Calibration of thread ring gages, repair of thread ring gages, calibration of plug gages, calibration of other measuring and test equipment. 8700
Distribution of various materials used in the manufacture of printed circuit boards; including fabrication operations such as: paneling, slitting, punching, and edge beveling of material and associated cold storage. 3600
Distribution, custom fabrication, and precision machining of refractory metal products for medical, lighting, aerospace, industrial furnace, and other applications. 3500
Manufacture of fabric reinforced industrial diaphragms used in hydraulic and pneumatic components. 3000
Manufacture of machined mechanical parts from aluminum, Delrin, steel, plastic, and exotic materials for the electronics, aerospace, computer, medical, military, and telecommunications industries. 3500
Manufacture, inspection and test of printed wiring boards for commercial and industrial applications or use. 3600
Design, manufacture, and distribution of corrugated containers. 2600
The production of: purpose-bred laboratory animals, murine derived monoclonal antibodies, serologic reagents and kits, and quality control thereof. Special animal services including lab animal surgical services, customized breeding programs, embryo cryopreservation, and sales of transgenic animals. 0279
Manufacture (stamping and heat treating) of motor and transformer laminations for the telecommunication, computer, and business machine, electric motor, industrial control, housing, aerospace, and national defense industries. 3400
Custom manufacture of aluminum and zinc pressure die castings servicing all industry applications. In-house value added capabilities include trimming, precision machining, chromating, painting, and light assembly type work. 3300
Manufacturer of precious metal electrical contacts, contact assemblies, and related components. 3600
Design and manufacture of single and MULTI-LAYER extrusion heads and tooling for the wire and cable, fiber optics, medical tubing, tubing, profile, and blow molding industries.

Manufacture of valves, fittings, and components for submarines.

Commercial contract manufacturing and machining.

Manufacture of LAL Reagents and accessories needed for the measurement of bacterial endotoxin. Vendor of contract services for bacterial endotoxins testing. 2835
Design and manufacture of induction heating equipment for various industrial markets, and the food and pharmaceutical industries. 3500
Design, manufacture, and installation of turn-key systems for the plastics blow molding industry. This includes injection blow molding, extrusion blow molding, and injection stretch blow molding machinery and tooling. 3500
Marketing and manufacturing of single sided, double sided, multi-layer rigid, and flex electronic printed wiring boards for the interconnection industry, which includes both assemblers of electronic equipment and original equipment manufacturers. 3600
FDA registered contract manufacturing and packaging of Class I & II medical devices (per FDA Code, title 21, Part 820): including single-use, medical, disposable fluid transport systems and subassemblies for applications in intravenous drug therapy protocols. 3800
Provider of calibration and repair services for electronic/electrical test and measurement equipment, and calibration services for mechanical gauging equipment. 8700
Provides the automotive, heavy duty truck, and other industries with metal products. We are a primary supplier of products for the filter industry, including: lockseamed tubes, blanks and coil, and perforated paper. In addition, precision metal stampings and fabrications are produced for automotive and other industries. 3400
Manufacture and distribution of corrugated products. 2600
Manufacturer of precision rotating and static components for turbine engines, and light to heavy mechanical parts and assemblies for aerospace, commercial, and industrial applications. 3500
Design and manufacture of elastomeric fiber for the textile, disposible, and related industries. 3000
Metal finisher, capabilities include: anodizing (colors) hardcoating, chromating, plating of zinc, tin, copper, nickel, silver, and gold. Masking and multi finishes. Prototype to large volume. 3400
Electropolishing of metal parts for all industries including: aerospace, automotive, biotech, communication, computer, cryogenic, food/beverage, household, industrial, medical, metal finishing, pharmaceutical pressure vessels, vacuum systems, and water filtration equipment. 3400
Custom injection molded components for original equipment manufacturers. 3000
Custom manufacture of cable assemblies, harness assemblies, and electro-mechanical assemblies. 3600
Design and manufacture of induction heating equipment for the automotive industry, and other commercial and industrial applications. 3500
Design and manufacture of computer monitors, computer graphics systems/peripherals, and the manufacture of telecommunication electronics. 3500
Storage, handling, preservation, transportation, and delivery of time and temperature sensitive commodities. 4200
Specializes in the conversion of offset printing blankets and sales/distribution of pressroom consumables. 3000
Design and manufacture of oil/gas fired burner controls for industrial and commercial applications. 3500
Design and manufacture of industrial furnaces for remelting of metals. 3500
Manufacture of specialty animal feeds for the laboratory and zoological industries. 0200
Design and manufacture of induction heating coils, power supplies, and machinery. 3500
Engineering services in mechanical engineering analysis of structures, fluid flow, and software distribution, and licensing. Industries include construction, automotive, and gas turbine industries. 8700
Calibration, repair, service, sales, and distribution of measuring and test equipment. 8700
Heat treating and annealing of steel forgings and iron castings for automotive and military applications. 3398
Precision machining of components for turbine and aerospace applications. 3500
Design, manufacture, and service of transformers and power supplies. 3600
The design, manufacture, and marketing of coaxial connectors and products for operation in the range of DC to 40 GHz 3600
Design and manufacture of automated parts and container handling systems in conformance with Quality System Requirements Tooling and Equipment Supplement with application of Reliability and maintainability techniques and Ford Motor Company's Quality Operating System (QOS). 3500
The design, manufacture, and distribution of packaging products. 2600
Transportation, storage, and delivery of products for the automotive and other industries in conformance with Ford QSA-S and QOS. 4200
Design and manufacture of special equipment for automotive machining, assembly, testing, and handling. 3500
Design and manufacture of induction heating systems that include inductors, power supplies, material handling, and associated machinery at TOCCO's headquarters and manufacturing operations located at Boaz, AL. 3500
Design, manufcature, and distribution of batteries and related wire and cable assemblies for industrial, telecommunications, heavy truck, and automotive applications. Battery recycling and lead/acid reclaimation. 3600
Installation and servicing of piping. 3500